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Buy a house and receive up to 2% cash rebate

Receive THOUSANDS of dollars back at closing when you buy your home or other real estate through us! If you are buying a property listed by another Realtor or a New Home where the builder is willing to pay a sales commission (most do), we will give you up to 2% of the total sales price in CASH at funding (which usually happens at closing).? It is that simple!

What is a cash rebate for Buyers?
Most sellers / builders pay a commission to real estate agents who help them to sell their houses. When a buyer agent helped the buyer found a house, the agent also found a buyer for the seller. The seller pays the buyer agent a commission and the agent shares it with the buyer.

Call me today to discuss the cash rebate for you!
The cash rebate range from 0-2% of the gross purchase price depending on the commission offered by the seller and the degree of work involved. Please call me to discuss the rebate amount available to your purchase.

First Time Home Buyer 4% Government Grant

Receive THOUSANDS of dollars Down Payment Assistance Grant from the government if you are a first time home buyer! These are non-repayable government Down Payment Assistance Grants!!!

How do I qualify?
Purchaser must be FIRST TIME homebuyers or does not own a home in the past three years and occupy the purchased home as their principal residence. The maximum income limits are $99,540 for a family of three or more in targeted areas.
These down payment assistance are available to you:
$100,000 loan amount
Down Payment Assistance Amount $4,000
$1500,000 loan amount
Down Payment Assistance Amount $6,000.
$175,000 loan amount
Down Payment Assistance Amount $7,000

+ These requirements are from the 5.99% Mortgage Loan with 4.00% Down Payment Assistance Grant. Sam is very knowledgeable in the government down payment assistance program, contact Sam (512) 743-3039 today for a free initial consultation.

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