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Sam Cinderella Wong CPA

Texas State Board of Public Accountancy Certified Public Account

2021 update: I am currently focusing in Real Estate and is no longer offering any CPA services listed below.

Business Consultation

As you start new business, we will assist you in selecting the proper entity type. We will work with you, your bankers, your insurance agents and other advisors to solve your business problems. We provide services in assisting your loan applications, cash flows analysis and other business needs.

Tax Planning and Preparation

We prepare all required income tax returns (individuals, corporations, S corporations partnerships, limited liability corporation, and non-profit organizations). Our tax planning services assure that you are paying no more taxes than necessary. Throughout the year, we monitor tax law changes that will affect you, recommend tax saving strategies, and serve as your advocate in tax matters.

Record Keeping

We recommend and install accounting and bookkeeping software that best fit your business and personal financial affairs. We also prepare and process payroll, sales tax returns reports to state and federal agencies and other financial records. We offer complete accounting and bookkeeping services. Compiled or reviewed financial statements or year-end summary can be provided according to your needs.

Financial Statements

We offer financial statement review and audit services.

Other Services Provided

  1. Incorporation and dissolution services.
  2. Partnership/LLC formation and termination.
  3. Payroll check printing and processing.
  4. Real estate and business sales and acquisitions.
  5. Tax I.D., fictitious business name, garment and business license applications.
  6. Tax savings account set up (IRA, Health Savings Account, Educational Fund Account).
  7. Projection and budgeting.
  8. Tax shelter analysis.


Our fees are very competitive and reasonable. They are based on the time and expertise required for each engagement. We encourage you to schedule a meeting with us for further discussion.


All matters handled by our office are treated with strict confidentiality. No information regarding your affairs will be released to any unauthorized persons.

Realtor License # 0535708, Sam C Wong, Agent Realty